Helpful Haircare Tips

  1. For relaxed hair start wearing a roller set or wrap with NO flat ironing or heat applied, you will see a difference in your hair in three months.
  2. If you work out at the gym and sweat heavily you need to shampoo once a week to remove the salt from your scalp. That will make a less itchy scalp.
  3. A child with tangle hair when you shampoo? after shampoo and conditioner put some pressing cream on wet hair then comb in sections and twist hair all the way from scalp to the end and clip, Then blow dry each section.
  4. If your hair is dry, rub hair oil on your hair before wrapping or covering it before retiring for the night.
  5. With a relaxed hair and sweating wait, until your is dry before you comb it, that will save a lot of your hair style.
  6. If you are experiencing hair loss notice what it looks like. if you are seeing short hair strands it is something you are putting on your hair. If you are combing out long hair strands it is internal sometime inside the body. (Stress, medication, diet...etc)
  7. Did you know that if you don't trim the ends of your hair that it will unravel like a sweater and you can not get any length to her hair? (Ends are not the hairline, or nape or the kitchen)
  8. If you have dry scalp or hair, watch the hair products that you use. Products that are high in water or alcohol are very drying to the hair and scalp. (Gels, pink lotions, creams...etc.)
  9. Unscented body lotion will set her hair and smooth that summer ponytail. (just a drop on each curl then roll, small amount in your hand will smooth your edges )
  10. When growing out of relaxer or cold waves (curls) wash and roller set your hair until the hair is too thick to set, then lightly press the new hair and then curl the ends. Less heat is better.
  11. The simplest way for your hair to grow is to get your hands out of it! Get a hair stylist.
  12. If you are using a leave-in conditioner everyday you are wasting product, because if you are not shampooing daily the product can't penetrate through dirt.
  13. If you apply a product to your hair and your scalp start to itch badly, shampoo immediately to remove product
  14. When going swimming always wet your hair first, wet hair can not absorb more water if it is already wet
  15. If you are using two chemicals (relaxer and permanent color) you should wait two weeks between services, if your hair is good condition.
  16. To remove excess oil from hair and scalp, apply shampoo directly on dry hair, work it into hair then rinse and shampoo again.
  17. Olive oil is not just for cooking, it's great for hair and scalp.
  18. If you use product that made or keep your hair firm or stiff, don't comb it just shampoo. Combing can cause hair breakage.
  19. If your hair is gray or white be careful with the hair oils and styling products that you use, they may color the hair.
  20. Parting the hair in the same place can lead to a permanent part.
  21. Over drying the hair will cause flat ironing, pressing and curling difficult.
  22. When combing tangle hair, start at the ends and comb towards the scalp, to avoid breakage.
  23. Whether you wear press or relaxed hair you can wear the wrap style. After the hair has been pressed and curled wrap around the head and tie with a scarf.
  24. If you put something on your hair and immediately began to itch you are probably allergic.
  25. Excessive combing and brushing of weak hair can lead to brake age.
  26. Wearing natural hair, twist out, two strand twist but your hair is too curly or tight. If you comb your hair out more regularly it will loosen your natural curl pattern.
  27. If you want your mane to be full and fluffy, braid or twist your hair before bed, then pick it out each day.
  28. Need your hair to be smoother or straighter around the hairline, use a heavy pomade around your hair line and tie it down. It will begin to be trained to stay that way.
  29. Hair seem to dry and brittle, DO NOT put water on your hair every day. Water dries out your hair, if you need to put something on it to make it easier to comb, use activator or moisturizing lotion.
  30. A blow out can loosen your natural curl pattern, if you wear it two or three times in a row. To avoid this wear natural for two weeks than blow it out the next two weeks.
  31. Never just sleep on your hair always tie it up or sleep with a bonnet. (Tying your hair too tight can cause breakage)
  32. If you have been wearing head bands and you notice that your hair is short around the outer perimeter of your head, it’s the head band.
  33. Just because your hair is natural you still should be combing and brushing your hair to stimulate your scalp.
  34. Want to be all natural but you still have relaxer on the end, try a set on the perm rods to give you the natural look.
  35. If you are thinking about going natural but you don’t like your hair full or big, maybe natural is not for you.
  36. If you don’t like combing your hair, going to the salon could be unpleasant for you because the stylist has to comb it.